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The Quello Home Allergy Test Kit

Start overcoming your allergies. Order your allergy test kit today.

Just a few drops of blood lets us see what you’re allergic to and how allergic you are. Take the test at home, send it back and we’ll create an allergy treatment just for you. Some private insurances help cover costs. We work on your behalf to find out!

$ 295.00 

$ 0.00 

+ $12.99 Two Day Shipping per kit
Quello is currently serving patients in Colorado & Texas. More states are coming soon.
We cannot provide testing or treatment for any federally insured patients (Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare).

Here's how it works.

test, go

We mail you a blood test to do in the comfort of your home.

No nose
like yours

We create personalized allergy drops and send them right to your door.


Daily drops relieve allergy symptoms and, over time, prevent them.

Reach out

Allergy experts are here with answers, support and high-fives.

What are we testing for?


Weeds & grasses

Dog dander

Cat dander



Dust Mites


Curious if Quello is right for you?
Set up a consultation with one of our allergy doctors. It’s covered by most insurance plans.